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Korean Perm FAQ: Can Your Hair be Permed & Will It Ruin Your Hair?

Thanks to the Hallyu wave. Perm has become one of the most sought-after hair services in the world. For women who wish to sport beautiful S-curls, C-curls and K-inspired waves, we're pretty sure you might have some pressing questions. Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding perm. In this mega guide, we'll also address the biggest doubt many may have – Can Your Hair Be Permed Without Ruining Them?

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #1:
What Type of Hair is Best Suited for a Perm Procedure?

What Type of Hair is Best Suited for a Perm Procedure?
C-curl Rebonding Perm

In general, the best type of hair to undergo a perm procedure are those that are healthy and have good elasticity. Also, they should neither be too soft nor hard, thick or thin. 

Most perm specialists will agree that:

Healthy Hair with High Elasticity = Higher Probability of Having Optimal Perm Result

Unhealthy Hair with Low Elasticity = Higher Probability of Having Sub-optimal Perm Result

Movement Perm designed by Associate Director of Chez Vous: HideAway, Oscar Lee
Anti-damage Movement Perm

One of the key factors that determine whether a hair can be permed or not, is elasticity. Elasticity is needed when it comes to curl formation and retention. To test your hair’s elasticity:

Step 1: Shampoo your hair, rinse. Do not apply conditioner or any other leave-in.

Step 2: Take one strand of your hair from the outer crown layer.

Step 3: Focus on the mid to ends section.

Step 4: Pull and stretch it 2 X of the original section length when wet.

Step 5: Release tension. Observe and diagnose using the table below.

On the one hand, if your hair rebound by 70 - 100% back to its original length, it has sufficient elasticity.  On the other hand, if your hair breaks when stretch or do not revert to its actual length - less than 50% - when released, we won't recommend perming such hair type.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #2:
Can You Perm Bleached or Highlighted Hair?

Can You Perm Bleached or Highlighted Hair?

Yes and no.

Technology has improved significantly for the past 5 years. Glyceryl Mono Thioglycolate (GMT) is the latest breakthrough. It allows hair bonds to break and re-shape without swelling the hair cuticles, hence reducing damage caused to the hair. More importantly, it reduces the risk of breakage significantly.

This is good news for customers with bleached or highlighted hair. Or is it?

If your hair after bleaching and highlights has low elasticity, even if GMT lotions are used, the result will still be suboptimal. Meaning the curls might still be:

Or will not last.

After 1 round of bleach or highlight, if your hair still has sufficient elasticity, you might be able to perm them without breaking it. However, note that the curls will be frizzier compared to healthy hair with good elasticity.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #3:
Can You Perm Keratin Treated Hair?

Can You Perm Keratin Treated Hair?

We don’t advise perming hair that has been treated with keratin. Keratin Treatment creates a coating around the hair. Also, the acids used in these treatments re-align the hair bonds to a certain extent. 

Hence, these affect the hairstylist’s judgement during the perm procedure, as it gives the illusion of insufficient processing. Also, perming keratin-treated hair tends to result in uneven curls, breakage or waves that are short-lived.

If you wish to perm your hair after a keratin treatment, opt for Glyceryl Mono Thioglycolate (GMT) technology. The risk is drastically lowered as the water-based lotion can penetrate through the hair’s coating without swelling the cuticles (much).

This technology is used in Chez Vous’ Anti-damage Movement Perm service.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #4:
Can You Perm Hair that Has Been Dyed Using Henna Colours?

Can You Perm Hair that Has Been Dyed Using Henna Colours?

Similar to Keratin Treatment, Henna does create a coating around the hair – which clouds stylists’ judgement during the perm procedure. Thus, we don’t advise so.

Also, certain Henna has metallic salts in them. These metallic salts that are deposited in the hair might cause an adverse reaction when they interact with the perm lotion – causing hair to break.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #5:
Can You Perm Hair that Has Been Rebonded or Chemically Straightened?

Can You Perm Hair that Has Been Rebonded or Chemically Straightened?

Rebonding reduces the hair’s elasticity – particularly so for hair that has been repeatedly rebonded over years. Without elasticity, the perm result will be sub-optimal.

This is why we recommend customers to undergo soft rebonding instead of classic rebonding. Yes, indeed, soft rebonding is not as lasting as classic rebonding. However, it does not damage the hair excessively, nor does it compromise hair’s elasticity severely. This gives room for customers to change their hairstyle in future.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #6:
Can You Perm Fine Hair?

Can You Perm Fine Hair?

Fine hair lacks the weight and strength to hold curls in place. Thus, fine hair tends to look frizzy after a perm procedure and the curls are usually short-lived.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #7:
Can You Perm & Colour Your Hair on the Same Day?

Can You Perm & Colour Your Hair on the Same Day?

This depends on how healthy your hair is. For hair that’s healthy and has good elasticity, it is possible to perm and colour on the same day.

However, if your hair is not very healthy, we don’t advise so. Because colouring hair after a perm procedure will reduce hair’s elasticity further – unless it’s a root retouch or we are refreshing the hair colour with a toner (then this problem will be less of an issue).

PS: Also, perming hair after colouring will cause dyes to fade.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #8:
Are Perms Damaging to Your Hair?

Are Perms Damaging to Your Hair?
Advante Water Perm

All chemical services do pose a certain degree of damage to our hair. Nevertheless, technology has advanced considerably. Thus, they are no longer as damaging when compared to perm procedures 10 years ago. This is especially so when they are incorporated with treatments, such as Advante Water before the perm process. These treatments cushion the damage considerably while boosting the hair's elasticity.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #9:
How Long Does a Perm Last?

How Long Does a Perm Last?
Advante Water Perm

It is really difficult to put a duration to how long a perm will last because it varies from person to person. The perm result depends on how tight the curls are and the more importantly, the customer’s hair condition (i.e. elasticity).

Improving the hair’s elasticity, both pre and post the perm procedure will help improve the curls’ longevity. 

Here's a quick guide on how you can improve your hair’s elasticity to prolong your perm results:

A. Bond Repair & Reduce Hair’s Porosity using K18

Bond Repair & Reduce Hair’s Porosity using K18

K18 contains a patented ingredient that penetrates the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core polypeptide chains, reconnecting them and boosting hair’s elasticity. K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask (50ml) is available for purchase back home. 

Apply on clean damped hair after shampoo and leave on for 4 minutes. Do not apply any conditioner or mask before application. Also, do not rinse out.

Use it thrice a week for optimal results.

B. Both Moisture & Protein are Extremely Important After a Perm Service

Without moisture and cuticle protection, your curls will likely be frizzy and unruly especially if you’re living in a humid climate. We strongly recommend Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque to be used as a daily conditioner. This lightweight masque provides intense moisture and deep repair without weighing your hair down. Moreover, it contains a good balance of proteins to strengthen the hair too.

Frequently Asked Question About Korean Perm #10:
Which is the Least Damaging Perm Technology Available Right Now?

Advante Water Perm is the least damaging perm service right now!

Advante Water Perm

Advante Water Perm uses “water” as a pre-service reparative treatment to strengthen, restore and protect your hair before the perm. While it’s not exactly water as we know it, this electrolyzed water is a reactive chemical that is patented and produced in only two places. It is specially electrolyzed so that the water molecule can be broken down.

The broken water molecule will then rearrange to form a "highway", delivering the active ingredients - 18 types of Amino Acids and Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) - deep into the hair cortex, reducing hair’s porosity in one second. The result? Hair is instantly repaired, strengthened and prep for the perm service. More importantly, the elasticity of the hair is greatly boosted!

Advante Water Perm* is available at Chez Vous: HideAway**. Starts from $398 + 7% G.S.T.. To book an appointment, call us at 6219 3558. Chez Vous: HideAway is located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-04, Singapore 238874. We hope to see you soon!

* Winner of Her World Hair Awards 2022: Best Hair Caring Perm
** Winner of The Singapore's Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2021: Best Hair Salon for Perm

Have any more doubts with regards to hair or hairstyle related concerns? Please feel free to drop us a message via our Instagram and Facebook page. We are more than happy to assist you!


Chez Vous HideAway Most instagrammable salon in Singapore

The all-new Chez Vous: HideAway Concept Store is designed by the multi-award-winning hair salon Chez Vous. As its second outlet, it sets to disrupt and revolutionize the way people think of a hair salon experience. This next-generation hairstyling space is part salon, part sanctuary and part-playhouse.

Aside from the comprehensive menu of hair services, guests can enjoy a whole host of value-added "spa"-like touches. Taking one's salon experience to a whole new level of luxury.

Guests will also be pleased to know that each associate director takes up to 5 appointments. Each 2-hour slot for chemical services, in a day. This is to ensure that we have ample time and optimal attention to work on each guest's hair.

The best part? It is highly affordable with our ultra-transparent tiered pricing. Bonus: There's even a "Strictly No Packages or Hard-selling" policy put in place.

$199 for 1 X Haircut + 1 X Service (e.g. 1-tone colour without bleach)

$299 for 1 X Haircut + 2 X Services (e.g. 1-tone colour without bleach + Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment)

$399 for 1 X Haircut + 3 X Services (e.g. Balayage with lightener + Colour or Toning + Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment)

*Add-on of $99 on top of the service bundles for Premium Services such as Keratin Treatment, Digital Perm, Rebonding, Caucasian Highlights and Growth Factor Scalp Therapy

**Price applies for all hair length

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391 Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Podium, 
#05-05, S238872

391B Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#14-04, S238874




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