Korean Perm: 10 Facts Your Hairstylist Won't Tell You

Korean Perm is one of the most sought-after hair services in Singapore. Popularized by many Hallyu actresses and K-pop singers, S-curls, C-Curls and, K-inspired face-framing waves are all the rage now! Before jumping on the Korean Perm bandwagon, here are 10 important things you must know to be an informed customer. This way, you can then distinguish facts from myths.

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Myth #1: Korean Perm is different from digital or ceramic perm

Advante Water Perm - This Digital Perm will strengthen your hair and give you a K-drama inspired look

Fact #1: Korean Perm is (almost) the same as digital perm or ceramic perm

On the one hand, Korean Perm refers to the soft and wavy hairstyles popularised by many Korean celebrities in the last decade during the Hallyu wave. These hairstyles tend to frame the face and are less coily than those looks we tend to associate with old-school perms.  

On the other hand, Ceramic or Digital perm is the technology which involves heat, rollers and chemicals to break and re-shape the hair bonds. Hence, re-moulding the strands to create those Korean-Perm-like looks.

Myth #2: Perming your hair will give you the exact gorgeous-looking curls as seen on your favorite Korean celebrities

Going for an In-salon Korean Perm Service Will Not Give You Celebrity-like Curls and Hair

Fact #2: Going for an in-salon Korean Perm service will NOT give you celebrity-like curls and hair

Most Korean celebrities’ hair we see on media is carefully styled using a curling or flat iron by professional hairstylists. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, digital perm tends to create curls that are less defined, sculpted and coiffed. They are beautiful – just not the same as those styled with a curling or flat iron.

Myth #3: The current technology allows salon to perm all hair types - including damaged ones

Looking for the least damaging perm service in Singapore? This revolutionary perm is the one for you.

Fact #3: How beautiful your Korean Perm curls turn out largely relies on how healthy your hair is

Most perm specialists will agree that perming healthy hair with good elasticity will produce beautiful and bouncy curls. They tend to be less frizzy, dry and dull too! 

This explains why many customers with bleached, highlighted or rebonded hair experience sub-optimal perm results.

Myth #4: You can perm extreme fine hair with the correct technique

Advante Water Perm - This Digital Perm will strengthen your hair and give you a K-drama inspired look

Fact #4: Avoid perming your hair if they are exceptionally thin or coarse 

On the one hand, when the hair is too fine, it lacks the elasticity and strength to hold the curls in place. Consequently, the curls either don’t last, or they tend to have lots of flyaways. 

On the other hand, perming coarse hair might result in excessive density and volume. Thus, making them highly unmanageable. 

Myth #5: Post service hair treatment is essential

Pre-service Hair Treatment is More Important Than Post-service Hair Treatment During a Korean Perm Procedure

Fact #5: Pre-service hair treatment is more important than post-service hair treatment during a Korean Perm procedure

Strengthening and boosting your hair’s elasticity before a Korean Perm procedure will enhance the way your curls look. 

For example, Chez Vous: HideAway signature Advante Water Perm infuses 18 different types of amino acids into the hair before the perm procedure. This not only acts as a restorative pre-service hair treatment; it also leaves your hair drastically less damaged and dry after the perm service.

Myth #6: All you need is to apply a little hair serum

Blow-styling is Required After a Korean Perm Procedure

Fact #6: Blow-styling is required after a Korean Perm procedure

This is not a wash-and-wear hairstyle. Korean Perm will require a simple routine:

Step 1: Apply a leave-in curl cream on towel-dried hair that has been well-conditioned

Step 2: Blow-dry your hair while finger-twisting them in an outward direction to sculpt those curls

Myth #7: Curls and straight hair require the same "nutrition intake"

Your Hair Will Need More Moisture than Usual After a Korean Perm Procedure

Fact #7: Your curls will need more moisture than usual after a Korean Perm procedure

Switch your usual conditioner to Advante Treatment. This treatment contains concentrated Cell Membrane Complex without weighing the hair down. Curls formed via perm require intensive moisture to look good, glossy and sculpted. 

Add one drop of hair oil into your leave-in curl cream to further nourish your curls.

Myth #8: You can have frizz-free curls after a perm procedure

Your Hair Will Look Slightly Frizzier After a Korean Perm

Fact #8: Your hair will look slightly frizzier after a Korean Perm

Curls will inevitably look frizzier than straight hair. That’s normal. This is especially so in hot and humid climates. Because moisture in the air causes hair to swell and bend unevenly. 

For greater control, use Oribe Curl Gloss on damp hair before blow-dry to better hold your newly permed waves together. Note: A little goes a long way.

Myth #9: You need to have a lot of layers for your perm to look good

Excessive Layers and Korean Perm Does Not Go Together in Hot & Humid Climates

Fact #9: Excessive layers and Korean Perm do NOT Go together in hot & humid climates 

Sufficient density is needed to hold the curls together, especially in hot and humid climates. Excessive thinning will cause the curls to frizz and become unruly. 

Of course, a moderate amount of texturising is needed to create movement.

Myth #10: The quality of your curls will remain the same weeks after your perm procedure

Monthly Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatments Will Prolong Your Korean Perm Results

Fact #10: The quality of your curls will deteriorate over time. Monthly Tokio Inkarami hair treatments will prolong your Korean Perm results

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment strengthens the hair bonds for greater elasticity while keeping them nourished and protected. This helps the curls to last longer. 

Advante Water Perm: The Latest Korean Perm Technology You Must Know 

Advante Water Perm: The Latest Korean Perm Technology

The Advante Water Perm uses “water” as a pre-service restorative treatment. This pricey electrolysed water helps deliver 18 different types of nanosized  amino acids and cortex cell membrane complex (CMC) deep into the hair. The result? Hair is instantly repaired, strengthened and prepped for the perm service. 

Low damage perm lotions coupled with low heat are then used to sculpt the hair into gorgeous-looking curls.

Low damage perm lotions coupled with low heat are then used to sculpt the hair into gorgeous-looking curls. 

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment strengthes the hair bonds for greater elasticity. This helps the curls to last longer.

Advante Water Perm* is now available at Chez Vous: HideAway**. Starts from $398 + 7% G.S.T., inclusive of haircut. To book an appointment, call us at 6219 3558. Chez Vous: HideAway is located at 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #14-04, Singapore 238874. 

* Winner of Her World Hair Awards 2022: Best Hair Caring Perm
** Winner of The Singapore's Women's Weekly Hair Awards 2021: Best Hair Salon for Perm

Strengthening and boosting your hair’s elasticity before a Korean Perm procedure will enhance the way your curls look.

We hope to see you soon! 


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