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Chez vous : Main Outlet

391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, 
#05-05, S238872

CHEZ VOUS : Hideaway

391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#14-04, S238874


391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#08-01, S238874

Our Journey to Becoming Singapore's Best Hair Salon

Many medias have labelled Chez Vous as one of the Top-rated and Best Hair Salons in Singapore. Some even named us as the topmost innovator in professional hair services, but we beg to differ. At Chez Vous, we don't see ourselves as the best hair salon in Singapore. We are merely a work-in-progress hair salon, striving for continuous improvement in everything we do. So that we can offer guests who have supported us all these years nothing but the best for their hair, that said, we have never stopped vying for that title.

Vying for the Title of Best Hair Salon in Singapore

Upgrade your mane: Top hair salons in Singapore for all kinds of hair services | By Honeycombers

Since our inception in 1995, we've have tried our best to distinguish ourselves with top-notched, bespoke and dedicated hair services. Courtesy of our "Only Hair Directors Allowed" policy* and gruelling recruitment** & training process - our guests can rest assured that an unparalleled roster of experts manages their hair.

*  Where all stylists have either a minimum of 12 years of experience or are exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise.

** Includes an 8-hour practical assessment, two rounds of interviews and one theory examination.

Best Ladies Hair Salon | By Beauty Insider

These policies have also allowed us to topped several Best Hair Salons in Singapore listings. Till date, we are incredibly humbled that Chez Vous has remained as one of the most positively-reviewed salons online.

Best Salons for Work-friendly Hair Colours in Singapore | By Beauty Undercover

Our Top 3 Accomplishments till Date

Chez Vous' Fix You Programme

In 2014, Chez Vous launched a first-in-the-world Fix You Programme. This programme allows us to fix anyone's hair that has been mismanaged by other hair salons (subjected to availability). With hundreds of success stories, Chez Vous is glad to have secured itself as the go-to expert and "Fixer" when it comes to hair woes.

Hair stylists in Singapore: Top salons for colouring expat hair | By Expat Living Singapore

In 2015, we set up a Caucasian Hair Specialists Team that particularise in treating, colouring and cutting Caucasian hair. For the past seven years, renowned media, Expat Living Singapore, has repeatedly nominated Chez Vous as one of the Best Hair Salons for Caucasian expatriates. This is indeed a feat not many Asian salons can claim.

Her World Hair Awards Winner of Most Innovative Salon Concept: Chez Vous: HideAway

In November 2018, Chez Vous launched an all-new Chez Vous: HideAway Salon. This next-generation concept is set to ignite a modern-day hair salon revolution. With luxurious retreat-like touches in a sensorial multi-zoned setting, Chez Vous: HideAway was labelled as the most Instagrammable and innovative Spa-hybrid Hair Salon in Singapore. Within one year of operation, HideAway has already won multiple prestigious hair awards from The Singapore Women's Weekly, Harper's Bazaar and Her World.  

At Best In Singapore, they review consumer services in Singapore to recommend the best solutions for their readers. They do the hard work and research so that we don't need to. Definitely a website worth exploring.

Innovation, Awards & Accolades

Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards, Winner of Best Natural Colour Service: Chez Vous

Over the years, Chez Vous' pioneering spirit and in-depth expertise have resulted in many first to market innovations* such as:

  • 2014: Amplified Keratin Treatment
  • 2015: 10-Step Treatment Perm & Rebonding (Straightening)
  • 2016: Trilogy Hair Care System (Synchronised Advanced Hair Rebuilder, Resculpting Supreme, Express Revitalising Supreme)
  • 2017: Hair Botox & Fillers Therapy
  • 2018: Right Colour Matters Diagnosis Methodology and Fake Ash Colouring Technique
  • 2019: #GlassHair Treatment and Tiramisu Brown Hair Collection
  • 2020: Sugar Hair Lamination

* Exclusive to Chez Vous

The Singapore's Women's Weekly Hair Awards, Winner of Top Nourishing Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair and Best Hair Salon for Colouring: Chez Vous

We are humbled that our genuine commitment to our craft has been recognised by multiple prestigious medias such as:

Harper's Bazaar Hair Awards

  • Best Hair Salon for Colour (Natural)
  • Best Hair Salon for Creative Colour (Creative): Chez Vous: HideAway
  • Best Hair Salon for Creative Haircut
  • Best Hair Salon for Short Haircut
  • Best VIP Haircut Services
  • Best Hair Salon for Colour Customisation
  • Best Hair Salon for Perm (Retexturising Services)
  • Best Treatment for Oily Scalp
  • Best Hair Smoothening Treatment
  • Best Frizz Control Treatment

The Singapore Women's Weekly Hair Awards

  • Top Hair Salon for Balayage: Chez Vous: HideAway
  • Best Nourishing Treatment for Damaged Hair
  • Top Hair Salon for Colouring
  • Top Hair Salon for Haircut
  • Top Hair Salon for Anti-ageing Hair Treatment
  • Top Hair Salon for Hue-enhancing Treatment
  • Top Hair Salon for Anti-dandruff Treatment

Her World Singapore Spa & Hair Awards

  • Best Perm for Airy Movement: Chez Vous: HideAway
  • Best Non-Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Damaged Hair: Sugar Hair Lamination (Exclusive to Chez Vous Main Salon)
  • Best Innovative Hair Salon Concept: Chez Vous: HideAway
  • Best Repairing Treatment for Chemically Damaged Hair
  • Best Hair Salon for Wearable Balayage

Beauty Insider

Vanilla Luxury

Beauty Undercover

  • Best Hair Salons for Keratin Treatments in Singapore
  • Best Hair Salons for Perm in Singapore
  • Best Hair Salons for Hair Treatments in Singapore
  • Best Hair Salons for Work-Friendly Hair Colours in Singapore
  • Best Hair Salons for Creative Hair Colours in Singapore
  • Best Hair Salons for Haircut in Singapore

At Chez Vous, we will never rest on our laurels. There are times when technical errors and miscommunication still happen despite our best effort. But we take every mistake seriously and will do our best to rectify them. Every year, we will continue to improve on our skills, service and offerings so as to not let our loyal customers down. That's our promise! And, that's our brand motto!

Chez Vous (main outlet) is located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, #05-05, Singapore 238872. To make a reservation, reach us at
6732 9388 or [email protected] during operating hours. We hope to see you soon.

391 Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Podium, 
#05-05, S238872

391B Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#14-04, S238874




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