Keratin Treatment: Top 7 Myths Vs. Facts You Must Know

Keratin Treatment: Top 7 Myths VS. Facts You Must Know Before Getting One (Updated)

Yes, by now, we all know that the benefits of Keratin Treatments are endless and too great to resist. Such as smoother hair, lesser frizz, reduced blow-dry time, healthier-looking hair, improved manageability and greater shine. But here are top 7 things you must know before getting a Keratin Treatment.

Myth #1 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #1 About Keratin Treatments: I No Longer Need to Blow Style or Dry My Hair After A Keratin Hair Treatment

Fact #1 About Keratin Treatment:

  • Most Keratin Treatments are Heat-Activated

"Many of us have the misconception that Keratin Hair Treatment allows us to air-dry our hair naturally. And waking up with gorgeous-looking hair the next morning. But that's not true. Most Keratin Treatments require us to blow dry our hair in a downward motion while the hair is damp. This is to activate the smoothing and de-frizzing properties.

The good news is Keratin Treatment decreases blow-drying time by half as it fills the hair with amino acids. By reducing the porosity of our hair, the amount of water that can be "trapped" in it decreases as well. Say yeah to longer sleeping hours!" Chief Director of Chez Vous Salon, Serene Tan

Myth #2 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #2 About Keratin Treatments: The End Results and Benefits of Subsequent Keratin Treatments Post the First Seems to be Less Optimal and Declining

Fact #2 About Keratin Treatment:

  • It All Depends on the Moisture vs Protein Balance of Your Hair

"Keratin Treatment infuses reparative proteins into the hair to reduce porosity and smoothen out cuticles. However, excessive protein may accumulate in the hair after multiple Keratin Treatments. This will cause hair to feel rough, coarse and brittle. Which is why intensive hydrating treatments is needed to rebalance the Moisture vs Protein level of our hair. Increasing the moisture level of our hair will ensure better results post subsequent Keratin Treatments. This brings us to the next myth..." Associate Director of Chez Vous Salon, Readen Chia

Myth #3 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #3 About Keratin Treatments: I No Longer Need to Go for Other Hair Treatments After A Keratin Hair Treatment Procedure

Fact #3 About Keratin Treatment:

  • Going for Regular Moisture & Cuticle Protection Hair Treatments Prolong Your Keratin Treatment Effects. While Enhancing the End Results of Your Subsequent Keratin Hair Treatments

"Monthly in-salon moisturising hair treatments or weekly home-based intensive hydrating hair care routine is important. As, it will help improve the Protein vs Moisture level of the hair - promoting softness, smoothness and shine. Moreover, these treatments tend to form a protective and lubricating layer around the hair. Hence, sealing in the benefits of the Keratin Treatment for a longer period. Also, it reduces permanent mechanical damaged caused to our hair due to friction and regular cleansing.

Hear this first from us. Alternate your Keratin conditioner which is usually saturated with protein, with a moisture-rich mask (say once a week) to improve your hair texture." Associate Director of Chez Vous Salon, Readen Chia

Myth #4 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #4 About Keratin Treatments: All Keratin Hair Treatments are the Same!

Fact #4 About Keratin Treatment:

  • Every Brand of Keratin Treatments and Procedures have their Strengths and Weaknesses; and are Tailored for Different Hair Textures
General Difference Between Brazilian Blowout, Hair Botox, Keratin Hair Treatment, Nano Keratin Hair Treatment

Which is why at Chez Vous (Main Outlet), all 4 types of Keratin Treatments are available to target different hair needs.

Update: In 2021, Chez Vous has launched our brand-new Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination Therapy. This is designed for customers who prefer smoothening treatment that uses a higher percentage of naturally-derived ingredients, minus nasties such as formaldehyde and parabens. The ingredients include: coconut oil, acai extract, avocado oil, promegranate seed oil, and naturally derived tannic and lactic acids.

Myth #5 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #5 About Keratin Treatments: I Can Use Any Other Homecare as Long as They're Sulphate-Free

Fact #5 About Keratin Treatment:

  • Wrong Homecare Products even if it's Sulphate-Free Can Ruin Your Keratin-Treated Hair

"Most Keratin Treatments have their own line of homecare to complement each other. Usually, the homecare contains key ingredients (e.g. Glyoxylic Acids) and type of keratin used in the procedure. This way, we can then prolong the treatment benefits back home. There are many cases of customers using mismatched Protein-rich; Micellar-related; or Natural-based homecare. Despite them being sulphate-free - it causes their keratin-treated hair to be coarse, rough and dry." Director of Chez Vous Salon, Victor Liu 

Myth #6 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #6 About Keratin Treatments: Keratin Treatment Causes Hair Loss and Makes My Hair Looks Thinner

Fact #6 About Keratin Treatments:

  • Less Wavy & Straighter-looking Hair Always Look Less Voluminous when Compared to Frizzy & Curly Hair Texture

"All Keratin Treatment procedures involves applying the concentrate on the hair, NOT the scalp. Thus, it would not exacerbate hair loss or thinning. Why then do many people attribute hair loss and thinning to Keratin Treatment? It's because these treatments smoothen the hair, making it less curly and frizzy. Think about it. Which hair texture looks less voluminous? Curly or Straight? Most of us would perceive straighter hair texture to be less voluminous, isn't it?" Director of Chez Vous Salon, Luis Wee

Myth #7 About Keratin Treatment:

Myth #7 About Keratin Treatments: I Can No Longer Perm or Rebond My Hair After A Keratin Treatment

Fact #7 About Keratin Treatment:

  • True! You Should Only Perm or Rebond non-Keratin Treated Hair (as of now)

"There is one massive drawback about Keratin Treatment. That is the current technology is not compatible with that used in Perming or Rebonding lotion. The risk of breakage and irreversible damage is still too high. It is still "tricky" even if we use GMT or Cysteamine-based (less damage) perm or rebonding lotions. Our advice is to ensure that those Keratin-treated hair are cut-off completely before undergoing other retexturizing services.

Let's hope that technology will continue to advance. And perhaps, one day, it will be great news for all if we can finally perm or rebond keratin-treated hair without risk. For now, if you intend to perm or rebond your hair, avoid going for any Keratin Hair Treatment procedures.

Breaking News! You can now opt for Chez Vous' exclusive Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination treatment to smooth your hair if perm or rebonding is something you might wanna consider in the future. This is a NON-Keratin-based hair treatment. Thus, there will NOT be any negative implications for future chemical services." Associate Director of Chez Vous, Wai Kan

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