Keratin Treatment: 10 Facts Your Hairstylist Won't Tell You

Keratin Treatment is a popular smoothing therapy offered by many hair salons. It promises silky & healthier-looking hair with lesser frizz. Moreover, it cuts down blow-drying time by half. This is a blessing for many time-pressed women. Here are 10 important facts you must know to be an informed consumer.

Myth #1: Keratin Treatments Uses Keratin to De-frizz the Hair

How does Keratin Treatment work?

Fact #1: Most Modern-day Keratin Treatments Uses Acids to De-frizz the Hair

Contrary to popular beliefs, many Keratin Treatments do not use keratin to de-frizz the hair. Instead, they use acids such as:

Acetic acids
Glycolic acids 
Glyoxylic acids

These acids straighten the hair – to a certain extent – semi-permanently without breaking the disulfide bonds. The result? Improved manageability and reduced frizz.

That said, keratin – a type of protein – does supplement the acids by filling up the holes in the hair. Hence, reducing porosity for greater smoothness.

Myth #2: You will Wake-up with Picture Perfect Hair

How to care for your hair after a Keratin Treatment

Fact #2: You Need to Blow Dry Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment

You'll be disappointed if you're expecting your hair to be picture-perfect just by air-drying them alone.

Keratin Treatments are heat-activated. This means that customers will have to apply a leave-in moisturiser with heat-protectant on damp hair. After that, blow-dry it with medium heat in a downward motion (without brush) to activate the anti-frizz and smoothing properties of the treatment.

Good news? Blow-dry time will be cut by half as the hair is less porous after the treatment. Thus, it will not "trap" as much water as before.

Myth #3: Keratin Treatment Causes Hair Loss

Will Keratin Treatment cause hair loss

Fact #3: Keratin Treatment Does Not Cause Hair Loss (if Applied Correctly)

The lotion used in Keratin Treatments is meant to be applied on the hair, not the scalp. Thus, it will not cause hair loss – unless misapplied.

Myth #4: Keratin Treatments is Equivalent to Hair Straightening

Can Keratin Treatment straighten the hair

Fact #4: Modern-day Keratin Treatments are Meant to Smoothen the Hair, Not Straighten It

To create a pin-straight effect even for the most coily hair type, some salons may mix relaxers into their Keratin Treatments. Alternatively, they may use highly acidic formulas. However, these may damage the hair – making the results and benefits of subsequent Keratin Treatments less optimal (and worst-off).

Trivial: Old-school Keratin Treatments have higher straightening intensity due to the use of Formaldehyde. These formulas have been banned in many countries in recent years. As they do pose a health risk.

Myth #5: By Reading the Ingredient List, We Will Know for Sure if the Treatment is "Clean" or "Unclean"

Is Keratin Treatment safe

Fact #5: The Type Ingredients Used in Modern-day Keratin Treatments is NOT the Main Factor that Makes the Product "Clean" or "Unclean"

Formaldehyde is a by-product of combustion (or heat). Yes, Formaldehyde is everywhere.

Understanding the boiling point of the ingredients used that result in the release of Formaldehyde will better determine whether the treatment is "safe" or "unsafe".

For example, Glyoxylic Acid and Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine can release Formaldehyde if the temperature used during ironing is higher than 230 Degrees Celsius.

The same goes for Methylene Glycol. It will release Formaldehyde when the temperature used surpasses 190 Degree Celsius.

Thus, a well-informed hairstylist should know better than to exceed these temperatures depending on the formulas used. To create a safe environment for both salon workers and customers.

Myth #6: As long as the Homecare Products are Sulphate-free, I can Use it After a Keratin Treatment

Must you use sulphate free shampoo after Keratin Treatment

Fact #6: Not All Sulphate-free Homecare Products Can Be Used After a Keratin Treatment

Some micellar and natural-based products that are sulphate-free can cause keratin-treated hair to become stiff, coarse and dry.

The converse is true too. If formulated right, a product containing sulphate can be used after a Keratin Treatment.

In short, always use the homecare prescribed by your hairstylist to prolong the treatment effect.

Myth #7: Keratin is all I Need!

Keratin Treatment aftercare

Fact #7: You Need to Moisturise Your Hair Intensively After a Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment contains a high concentration of reparative proteins. However, over-proteinising the hair will cause it to become stiff, dry and brittle over time.

Thus, intensive moisturising treatments are required to rebalance your hair's moisture versus protein level. We highly recommend Advante homecare treatment for intense yet lightweight hydration.

Plus: Increasing your hair's moisture level will prolong the treatment benefits. Also, it ensures better results during subsequent Keratin Treatment procedures.

Myth #8: Keratin-treated Hair is Better Prep for Future Perm and Rebonding Procedures

Can you perm or rebond keratin treated hair

Fact #8: You Should Not Perm or Rebond Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment!

There is a risk of breakage and irreversible damage when you perm or rebond keratin-treated hair. Cutting off the keratin-treated hair completely before any perm or rebonding procedure is the safest option. As some formulas are incompatible with the current retexturising technology.

Myth #9: Non-straight Keratin Treatments Allow Me to De-frizz My Hair Effectively While Retaining 100% of My Curls

Is there non straightening Keratin Treatment

Fact #9: Non-straight Keratin Treatment Formulas are Not That Effective for Customers Living in Hot & Humid Climates

In cold and dry countries, non-straight or minimal curl-reduction Keratin Treatments do work to a certain extent.

However, these formulas are not that effective for customers living in hot and humid climates. Perspiration and moisture in the air cause hair to bend and become unruly. This is especially so for women with curly, wavy and fine hair textures.

Myth #10: Keratin Treatment is the only Effective Remedy for Frizzy & Unruly Hair

Alternatives to Keratin Treatments

Fact #10: There Are Other Smoothing Alternatives to Keratin Treatment

Yes, Keratin Treatments are not the only smoothing options in the market.

For example, for customers who are afraid of over-proteinising the hair or whose hair is badly damaged, Chez Vous' Hair Botox and Fillers is a better option.

This is due to the higher concentration of moisture and reparative ingredients used. Chez Vous' Hair Botox and Fillers therapy is the first demi-permanent treatment to repair, smoothen and hydrate the hair, all at once, effectively!

For customers who might want to perm or rebond their hair in future, Chez Vous' Sugar Hair Lamination is a perfect option. This new technology designed by the experts in Chez Vous will not cause negative implications for future retexturising procedures!

The best part? It has three different curl reduction intensities to suit every customer's needs. This is good news for women who do not want pin-straight hair!

Foundation: Negligible Curl Reduction (must be combined with a leave-in moisturiser)
Advanced: Soft Curl Reduction
Supreme: Moderate Curl Reduction

To know which treatment suits you best, take the free diagnostic quiz here. Instant results. No registration or email required.

Chez Vous Find The Right Hair Treatment That Best Suits You in Minutes

Have any more doubts regarding Keratin Hair Treatments or other hair or hairstyle related concerns? Contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message via our Instagram and Facebook pages. We are more than happy to assist you! To book an appointment, email us or call us at 6732 9388. Chez Vous (main outlet) is located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, #05-05, Singapore 238872. 

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Chez Vous Main Salon

If you are looking for an innovative salon that provides the latest and most technologically advanced hair treatments, look no further, Chez Vous Hair Salon is the place. Since its establishment in 1995, Chez Vous' in-depth expertise and pioneering spirit have resulted in many first-to-market innovations. Rumour has it that the experts at Chez Vous curate and procure more than 100 different brands of products annually to offer the best to their customers. Moreover, they even have an in-house R&D team to formulate new treatments and techniques to better target every woman's hair concerns.

For example, many customers have been bleaching and dyeing their hair repeatedly as a form of self-expression in recent years. However, this causes their hair to be damaged, dry and frizzy. Thus, in 2017, Chez Vous invented an all-new demi-permanent hair treatment, Hair Botox and Fillers, which took Singapore by storm! Inspired by skincare for that flawless look, this therapy rewinds years of structural damage and allows women to walk away with smoothened, nourished and hydrated hair – that's easy to manage.

Another notable creation launched and introduced by Chez Vous is their Sugar Hair Lamination service in 2021. Thanks to the sweltering and humid weather in Singapore, it's no surprise that many women are suffering from frizzy and unruly hair. This signature treatment helps reduce frizz and daily blow-dry time, allowing many time-pressed urbanites to enjoy hair that's highly manageable and healthy-looking. The best part? There are 3 versions; each has different curl reduction intensity to match your style and needs.    

Their recent launch of Hair Defence Technology in 2022 is simply ground-breaking too. Foreseeing the public's call for help to reduce damage caused during chemical processing, this new plex technology cushions the impact of chemicals by up to 50%. As the old saying goes, "Prevention is better than Cure". #Indeed  

Given their salon's unique "Only Hair Directors Allowed" policy, where all stylists have either a minimum of 10 years of experience or are exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise. And them being one of the most positively reviewed salons in Singapore, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

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