5 Less Commonly Known Hair Tips You Should Try to Have Better & Healthier Looking Hair

Chez Vous is extremely happy to have Senior Stylist, Eddy Lau, onboard with us in end October. He's handpicked by Chief Director, Thomas Teo, for his talents and technical skills, way beyond his young age.

"He might not be a brilliant talker nor charismatic hairstylist, but it's not always we can find a passionate hairstylist with such high level of logical thinking and problem-solving skills with regards to hairdressing." Chief Director of Chez Vous, Thomas Teo
Today, we are pleased to present to you the Top 5 hair tips he shared, that you'll surely find useful.

#1 Combat Frizz in Humid Weather with Curling Lotion (NOT taming creme)

KMS CurlUp Perfecting Lotion
Singapore-living is fun and exciting and life is always "on-the-go", but unfortunately, the heat and humidity tries to take down the feels, as these drives our hair nuts! This is why many women keep on using a smoothening creme to tame away frizz, but these products tend to make their hair "heavy", flat, and shapeless.

Associate Director of Chez Vous' upcoming Pop-Up Salon, Eddy Lau, recommends that instead of using smoothening creme, use a lightweight curling lotion as it tends to be less heavy (otherwise it will remove the curls). This curling lotion help holds hair together to reduce frizz without the heaviness of taming creme.

#2 Treat Your Hair in just 60 Secs

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 60 Seconds Treatment
Nowadays, we are always thinking of the tons of work we need to accomplish, family matters and many other commitments which makes paying attention to our hair the least priority. But worry no more! There are easier ways to do so. All you need to do is just add 2 pumps to your leftover hair oil into Goldwell 60-Seconds Treatment, and comb your hair using your fingers in a downward motion for 60 seconds, then rinse immediately. The oil will detangle the hair real fast and this star product takes only 60-seconds for your hair to be repaired, moisturised and strengthened. Best part? This produces results better than that of conditioners. God-sent, indeed!

#3 Fight Against Gravity with Protein Sprays

Redken Extreme CAT Anti Damage Protein Reconstructing Rinse Off Treatment
Many women would agree that they love to use conditioner to moisturise, treat and detangle their hair. But after trying all sorts of lightweight conditioner, they still find it too heavy in this damp weather, causing their hair to look flat and lifeless. Agree to this? Here's to the new recommended remedy by our Associate Director of Chez Vous' upcoming Pop-Up Salon, Eddy Lau. He advised spraying protein saturated treatment all over hair first before applying conditioner. This protein treatment fills up holes (repair damage) in the hair to boost its resilience, strength and elasticity, making hair feels thicker and coarser. Through the help of this, you can provide deep repair to your hair with just an additional 30-seconds time to spray and "reduce" the heaviness brought by conditioner without compromising the results. This is what we call "hitting 2 birds in 1 stone".

#4 Reduce Breakage by Blow Drying Your Hair along with a Heat Protection Spray

Dyson Hair Dryer
It's about time to bust the myth that air-drying your hair naturally makes your hair healthier. Do you know that when hair is wet, it swells from within that creates tension internally and on the hair cuticles? Imagine the damaged caused when you leave it to naturally dry (which sometimes can take hours). Hair dryers are not your enemy but lousy hair dryers are! (think hotel hair dryers). Invest in a good hair dryer (like Dyson) and apply heat protection spray or creme before blow-drying your hair with medium heat. If your hair can speak, it'll thank you after.

Associate Director of Chez Vous' upcoming Pop-Up Salon, Eddy Lau, shares the following blow styling tips which will make your daily styling regime a breeze, while creating "body-full", flowy and neat hair.

Step 1: Spray ample amount of heat protectant lotion, focusing on mid to hair ends. Comb and detangle your hair in accordance to your usual parting first.

Step 2: Use your hand to lift the roots against the parting direction and dry the roots, section by section.

Step 3: Once the roots are dried, bend your body forward so that your face is parallel to the ground. Blow dry the rest of the hair inwards to your face while using your fingers to guide the hair direction. Retain 10% of moisture.

Step 4: Twist the hair on your left, hold it there and use the hairdryer to blow dry it in a downward motion. Do the same for the hair on your right.

#5 Embrace Moderate Amount of Silicones and Don't Get Too Caught Up with all the "Beauty Scares"

Is Silicone Bad For Your Hair?
Sorry for saying this, but these days, marketers love creating scares to make consumers buy. The best target? Anything that's man-made or synthetic. E.g. Silicones, Sulfates, Alcohols, and Parabens. Some are proven, but some just way too exaggerated. The most common argument against silicones is that it's not natural, thus detrimental to the hair. I tell you what, not all-natural products are good for our health too! Some even claim that the shine and combability results are fake. But hey, natural oil gives you temporal shine and combability too. So, is it "fake"? The worst of all is that some argue that it causes build-up, seals up the hair and prevent moisture from entering the hair. If you haven't realised, all products (natural or not), causes build-up if you don't cleanse your hair regularly or you use way too much of those products. Also, keeping your hair hydrophobic isn't a bad thing. Water tends to swell our hair, causing damage and premature hair colour fading.

Use everything in moderation. We are not asking guests to consume or apply a whole bottle of silicone filled creme on their hair. Below are the genuine benefits of silicones:
  • It reduces friction during washing, drying or styling, thus reducing mechanical damage and breakage to the hair;
  • It closes your cuticles to combat against humidity-led frizz and promotes shine
  • Some also protect your hair from heat damage caused by styling tools and hairdryers
Remember, silicones are not your enemy.

Find these tips useful? You'll have Eddy to thank. Do request for him in End October and we're certain that you won't be disappointed. Thank you for your time!

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