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Why Does My Hair Colour Fade So Quickly? 
Tips to Prolong Your Hair Colour.

“Why Does My Hair Colour Fade So Quickly?” We hear you ask. Hence, we’ve got your back with this mega guide. Here, we’ll explain why do certain hair colours fade faster than others, followed by important tips & tricks to prevent premature fading. This article is contributed by Associate Director of Chez Vous Hair Salon, Wai Kan.

Before that, we will like to put it out there

ALL Hair Colours will Fade Over Time, including “Permanent” Hair Colour.

All hair colours will fade over time, including “permanent” hair colour.

First thing first, the term “permanent” hair colour is extremely misleading. It refers to the peroxide level hairdressers used to lift and deposit pigments – it does NOT mean that the hair dyes used will be permanently “stuck” in our hair!

Why Do Hair Colours Fade?

The easiest way to explain this is:

Our hair’s pH level is between 4.5 – 5.5. When any liquid with a higher pH level touches it, such as plain water (pH level 7), our hair will swell and “open”. Thus, artificial dyes and pigments will start to “leak” out.

So Why Do Certain Hair Colours Fade Faster Than Others?

1. Saturation Matters

In general, the less saturated the hair colour is (i.e. lesser hair pigments), the faster it will fade. For example, pastel hair colours will fade quicker than neon hair colours. The same goes for blonde vis-à-vis darker hair shades.

2. Pigment Size Makes a Difference

As a rule of thumb, fashion shades (e.g. red and blue) has a bigger pigment size when compared to natural dark shades (e.g. brown and black).

Hair Pigment Size Makes a Difference
For Illustration & Simplification Purposes only

Thus, by and large fashion shades tend to fade faster. See illustration above.

3. Base Colour vis-à-vis Artificial Hair Dyes

Take a look at the illustration below. Which of these gives the illusion of “faster pre-mature fading”? Most of us will perceive the one with higher contrast between the base colour vis-à-vis the artificial dye pigments to fade faster (i.e. the upper half with lighter base hair colour).

Base Colour vis-à-vis Artificial Hair Dyes
For Illustration & Simplification Purposes only

For artificial hair dyes that are closer to our hair’s original shade – be it natural or pre-lightened, it seems that the colour does not fade so easily. That’s because even when it does, the contrast is not significant.

Conversely, for hues that differ drastically from the base colour, the colour will seem to fade faster because any loss of hair dye pigments will cause a significant change in the hair shade.

4. Porosity of Hair

Damaged hair is more porous than healthy hair. With higher porosity (i.e. “holes”), the ability to retain hair dyes will be lower. This also explains why hair colours that require bleaching tend to fade faster than dyes that don’t, due to the higher damage level posed to the hair.

How to Prolong Your Hair Colour?

1. Reduce Contact with Water

Based on the above explanation, it is obvious that minimising hair wash will definitely be the best way to prevent premature fading. This is especially so within 48 hours post the dye job.

Of course, swimming causes hair dyes to bleed severely. If you have to swim, apply a leave-in conditioner first before heading into the pool.

If you’ve spent big bucks on your new hair colour, Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo will be your next best friend in the upcoming weeks.

2. Avoid Using Flat or Curling Iron. If need to, Please Use a Heat Protectant.

Oribe Review #6: Oribe Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray

Heat from our straighteners or curling irons causes hair colour to change and fade, without a doubt. If need to, use a good heat protectant that is designed to mist all over your hair (not just the hair ends) before working your heat tools.

Many brands offer Heat Protectants, but Oribe’s Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray is a shining example of how to do it right.

3. Use a Colour Depositing Mask or Shampoo to Refresh Your Hair Colour

Colour Depositing Mask

The range of colours that are available in the market now is ridiculously wide. These masks deposit fresh pigments into the hair when leave on for 7 to 10 minutes. That said, please do NOT use them daily. Saturating hair with too many pigments will cause major complications to future colour services. Once a week will suffice.

4. Regular In-salon Hair Treatment to Strengthen Hair Internally & Externally

Regular In-salon Hair Treatment to Strengthen Hair Internally & Externally

Make it a habit to go for monthly reparative hair treatments. A good treatment will reduce hair’s porosity and create a seal around the cuticles. Thus, improving hair’s ability to retain hair colours.

For more hair colour inspirations, click here.

Have any other hair or hairstyle related concerns? Do contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message via our Instagram and Facebook page. We are more than happy to assist you! To book an appointment, email us or call us at 6732 9388.

Chez Vous (main outlet) is located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, #05-05, Singapore 238872. We hope to see you soon!


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391 Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Podium, 
#05-05, S238872

391B Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#14-04, S238874




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