Top 5 Ways To Care For Your Hair After An In-salon Hair Treatment

Many people have the misconception that Hair Treatments will improve the hair's condition over time and that's incorrect.

MYTH: hair treatments help improve our hair's condition over time

Our hair's health decline over time from washing, brushing, drying and chemical services - and that's normal as it is part of our hair's natural ageing process. In-salon Hair Treatments helps to delay the rate of ageing and damage by:

  • Replenishing the necessary nutrients loss over time;
  • Strengthening it to prevent breakage;
  • Providing cuticle protection to hold back irreversible damage; and
  • Lubricating it to minimise mechanical damage.

FACT: hair treatments help reduce the rate of our hair's natural aging process

This is extremely important as any damage caused to the hair are usually irreversible. Thus, regular in-salon Hair Treatments can help us prolong the time our hair can remain healthy, shiny and soft. Here are 7 tips to care for your hair post an in-salon hair treatment.

Hair Tips #1: Caring for Your Hair After A Hair Treatment

Hair Tips #1: Use A Colour-Safe Shampoo

"We all know that colour-safe shampoos are gentle enough to prevent over-stripping of hair dyes. Similarly, it is also mild enough to prevent our hair treatment from premature fading. Our top pick is Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color. Unlike other colour shampoos, this is extremely lightweight, perfect for Singapore's humid and hot weather." Chief Director of Chez Vous Salon, Serene Tan

Hair Tips #2: Caring for Your Hair After A Hair Treatment

Hair Tips #2: Swap Your Conditioner With A Masque

"The main functions of a conditioner are to detangle and close the cuticles of our hair. Whereas a well-invested hair masque has additional benefits such as repairing, strengthening and replenishing the nutrients within the hair as well. Moreover, the price between a masque and conditioner doesn't differ that much. Many of us are afraid that masques are too heavy and cause build-up, but not this one - Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque. It's strangely lightweight given the intensity of its reparative benefits." Chief Director of Chez Vous Salon, Serene Tan

Hair Tips #3: Caring for Your Hair After A Hair Treatment

Hair Tips #3: "Close" Your Cuticles Every Time You Wash Your Hair

"Think of our hair cuticles as fish scales protecting our hair from external aggressors and keeping the nutrients of the hair sealed within. However, these cuticles will "open" when interacting with water and humidity in the air - causing the benefits of hair treatments to "leak" out. To ensure that it's "closed":

  • Step 1: Divide hair into 4 sections after shampoo
  • Step 2: Apply your daily hair masque onto each section, focusing on mid to hair ends
  • Step 3: Use your fingers like a comb and massage it in downward motion till it’s perfectly smooth, shiny and even slimy-looking. This means that the cuticles are now successfully "closed"

This method of applying our daily masque can effectively lock-in hair treatments for a prolonged period of time while minimising frizz drastically." Associate Director of Chez Vous Salon, Joyce Wan

Hair Tips #4: Caring for Your Hair After A Hair Treatment

Hair Tips #4: Continue treating your hair 24/7

"Pampering your hair should not stop with treatments at the salon or treating your hair during shower time. We tend to treat our face with moisturiser and serum throughout the day. So, why not do the same for our hair? There are leave-in products that are able to provide hydration and nourishment to our hair throughout the day, such as this silicone-free Oribe Priming Lotion. It acts as a heat-protectant and we can even treat it as an overnight sleeping pack mask for our hair. Best used on wet hair before blow-dry." Associate Director of Chez Vous Salon, Joyce Wan  

Hair Tips #5: Caring for Your Hair After A Hair Treatment

Hair Tips #5: Adopt A Reverse Hair Washing Routine

"Reverse Washing requires us to leave the conditioner on our hair first for 1 to 2 minutes, rinse, followed by our usual shampoo routine. This is extremely important for customers whose hair has been bleached - resulting in severe cuticle damaged. Remember, every time our hair touches water, it will swell - causing Protein, Moisture and other goodness to start "leaking" out. Applying a pre-shampoo conditioner such as Kerastase Soin Premier Therapist, will reduce swelling during hair wash while prolonging the Hair Treatment results. Remember: After cleansing, follow up with a prescribed conditioner or masque for best results." Associate Director of Chez Vous Salon, Readen Chia  

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