Top 4 Hair Hacks Your Hairdresser Should Have Told You But Did Not: 21st Anniversary X Trilogy Special

Dear Hair,

We sincerely apologize for not taking care of you and have injured you unintentionally (or intentionally). We promise to take good care of you from now on, just like how we care for our face. We'll start treating you both as equals.

#1 Comb or brush your hair starting from the ends, mid-lengths through to the roots

we've all seen various hair ads where the model can comb her hair starting from the roots through to the ends with ease, showcasing the "prowess" of the haircare products. however, in reality, for most women with a below shoulder length hair, it is almost impossible for them to comb it through like that without resistance.

creating friction on your hair causes damage to cuticles. unfortunately, our cuticles will never regenerate by itself unlike the skin on our face. hence, the damage is permanent. damaged hair cuticles cause split ends and give your hair a rough look. it also makes it easier for humidity in the air to interact with the internal structure of the hair, leading to frizz and unruliness.

to prevent this, always use a serum on your hair, focusing from mid to hair ends, after every single hair wash! yes, hair serums are not marketing gimmicks. they act like your skincare moisturizer, something that you should not live without. the serum helps lubricate your hair to reduce any potential friction when brushing, combing or styling. squeeze an appropriate amount on your palm first, rub it between palms, apply on hair evenly. after which, detangle your precious mane with a tangle teezer. always start with the ends, slowly work through the mid-lengths and through to the roots. not the other way around.

we will strongly recommend the following serums:

fine – normal hair: goldwell kerasilk reconstruct regenerating blow-dry spray

damaged hair: kerastase resistance, serum therapist

thick, frizzy and unruly hair: goldwell kerasilk control smoothing fluid or redken frizz dismiss leave-in smoothing control creme

#2 Always condition your hair first, followed by a shampoo and a mask

Yes, many of us have been doing it wrong. We are "programmed" to use shampoo first, followed by a conditioner, then mask.

step 1: always pre-apply conditioner on your hair first, focusing from mid to hair ends (do not rinse off). this will help protect your hair fibre during shampooing. think about it, your hair does not contain sebum nor sweat glands, unlike your scalp. hence, it does not require intensive cleansing. the pre-applied conditioner (similar to your makeup cleansing milk) will already help remove any impurities on your hair when rinsed off, without over-stripping your hair.

step 2: squeeze an appropriate amount of shampoo on your hand. lather it first before applying it to your scalp. this will minimize shock caused to your scalp. cleanse. rinse it thoroughly together with the conditioner.

step 3: as a fitting finale, use a lightweight mask as conditioner, to replenish the required nutrients and moisture back to your hair. this will help prolong your in-salon treatment and colour as well. we’ll strongly recommend goldwell kerasilk reconstruct range, intensive repair mask.

#3 Avoid drying your hair vigorously with a towel

some of us dry our hair with a towel as if she's our enemy. the rough fabric will cause unnecessary friction, damaging your cuticles in the process. always dry your hair gently with a towel. or do your hair justice by squeezing off excess water with your hands. do not twist and turn your hair like what you do with the laundry. you'll be surprised that drying your hair with cold to warm air is less damaging than using a towel.

#4 Every time you hit the gym, Pre-apply a good hair mask first before entering the steam room (make your membership worthwhile)

many of chez vous’ customers are high-powered working executives who hit the gym frequently. this hack was shared to us by them! we've seen tremendous improvement in their hair health ever since they adopted this trick. the next time round you visit the gym to exercise or look at your favorite eye candy, bring a hair mask with you. we’ll strongly recommend kerastase masquintense or nutri-thermique mask.

pre-apply these mask on your hair and enter the steam room for 10-mins. you’ll be surprised by the efficacy of these masks! the hot steam will help open up your cuticles and allow the active ingredients to better penetrate into your hair.

we hope all of you have found this post particularly useful and informative. if you like what you've read, please share this post with your friends!

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