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Shawn Chia Vs. Veyond Chong


All of you would have known by now that Veyond Chong, our Associate Salon Director is extremely good at chemical services and fixing unsatisfactory hairdos. But, what about Shawn Chia, our newly recruited Associate Salon Director?

Veyond's appointment was full on those days when Jean and Lynette called to seek our help in fixing their hair, that is severely damaged by other salons in Singapore. Shawn definitely have some big shoes to fill. Check out how he fared against Veyond.

Hint: He's pretty good too!

Fix #1: Jean

Damaged Hair: Jean

This is by far the most severely damaged hair we have seen so far ever since Chez Vous started our Expertligent Fix You Programme. Jean went to a neighbourhood salon in Yishun to have her hair permed out of convenience; and she never expected her hair can be so badly damaged. All she wanted was soft Korean-like curls. But, in the end, it was so terribly managed that she had to tie her hair up every day just to avoid embarrassment.

During the initial assessment, Shawn realized that several inner portions of Jean's hair has been burned and is at least 5 inches shorter than the outer layer. These are clear signs of over processing. Upon probing, Shawn then realized that the stylist had chemically straightened her previously permed hair first before perming her hair again! This was unheard of! As, performing 2 softening services in a single visit is an extremely high risk job. Also, her hair was overly texturized. There wasn't any shape, blending or whatsoever. Shawn had to recut and retexturize her hair.

Hair Fixed by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Shawn Chia

Not too shabby, isn't it?

Hair Fixed by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Shawn Chia


Fix #2: Lynette

Lynette went to another salon in Singapore to asking for C-curls. Unfortunately, her hair turned out to be uneven waves. Shawn had to retexturize her hair using a treatment grade softening lotion to ensure that her hair becomes more manageable.

Hair Fixed by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Shawn Chia


Fix #3: Hazel

Of course, how can we not talk about Veyond's work when it comes to fixing damaged hair. Check out Hazel's review after the fix done by Veyond Chong.

Fixed By Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Veyond Chong

Fixed By Associate Salon Director, Veyond Chong
"I went down to Chez Vous yesterday to fix a bad perm I did over a week ago at another salon. The perm I did at the first salon was uneven and made my hair look like a frizzy lion's mane. The most disappointing part was that I had paid close to $500 for the perm and haircut at the first salon. Thank goodness I read about Chez Vous Expertligent Fix You Programme on Beauty Undercover and decided to write to them asking if they could help fix my perm.

I got a reply within the day and they were willing to help me free of charge. I was elated! When I went down, I was attended by Veyond who is an expert in chemical services including perms. At one glance, she could point out what was wrong with my perm and patiently explained to me how she was going to help me fix it.

After 3 hours in the beautiful salon under the expert hands of Veyond, I left Chez Vous with the perm I wanted in the first place – soft and natural curls that are easy to maintain. Thank you Chez Vous for saving my hair, I will definitely return again for other services!" Review taken from Beauty Undercover

So what do you think, how did Shawn fared against Veyond?

Side Note:

At Chez Vous, we work and brave through adventures as a family. As an OHDA (Only Hair Directors Allowed) salon, we're always on the lookout for talented and committed hair directors, who can embody our brand, and make ordinary moments for our guests extraordinary. If you have what it takes, drop us an email with your resume today at [email protected] or call us @ 6732 9388 to schedule an interview.

Openings: Salon Directors, Associate Salon Directors (Minimum 10 years of experience)

391 Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Podium, 
#05-05, S238872

391B Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#14-04, S238874




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