Given that your hair is extremely damaged, breaking and mushy when it’s wet. Let's focus first on fixing that today.

Recommended Treatment:

The use of Brazilian Blowout Sealant is regarded as a last resort for hair that is highly damaged (beyond repair). This type of hair tends to look “fried” and wiry. Also, it’s mushy to touch when wet and tends to break easily.

For hair that is damaged to this extent, no other hair treatments will be able to reconstruct it from within. As, the hair has lost all ability to retain any “nutrients”.

Hence, the Brazilian Blowout Sealant is designed to wrap the hair with an intense “bandage”. This way, it enhances manageability, temporarily reduces breakage, and creates an illusion of healthier-looking hair. So that we can buy time for customers to wait for their hair to grow, before cutting away the (beyond) damaged lengths.


B.Blowout Sealant
Keratin Treatment
technology Creates a protective scaffold that acts like a “bandage” around each strand. Uses acids to realign hair bonds for straightening while infusing keratin into the hair.

functions Improves tensile strength while protecting strands from external aggressors and breakage. Straighten and promotes shine, smoothness and manageability. Reduces blow dry time and porosity.

color fading low yes

pH level neutral acidic

increase damage? no yes

efficacy High

For such a hair type, no treatment can reconstruct it from within. The best way is to cut them off.

Thus, the last resort is to create a protective shield around the hair to buy time & encourage length.

Such hair type might not have sufficient bonds to be realigned and the structure to retain keratin.

Also, it might not have the resilience and strength to undergo a treatment that’s of an acidic nature.
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