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Get your favourite trending hair colours without bleaching & damaging your hair severely, today.

Explore the latest hair trend – 
Foggy Non-Bleach Hair Colours (aka 水雾染)

If you've scrolled through Lemon8, XiaoHongShu, TikTok, or Instagram, you've likely seen it. No bleach means less damage, and achieving these irresistible colours is now possible!

Wondering if it's suitable for all hair types or if they're truly bleach-free? Curious about the range of dusty hair colours achievable with this technique? Our experts at Chez Vous: Private Space have cracked the code – with our unique Double Dye Technique.

Unlock the secrets to discovering your favourite dusty hair colours without bleaching your hair at Chez Vous: Private Space, today.

What are Foggy Non-Bleach Hair Colours (aka 水雾染)?

Foggy bleach-free hair colours are one-tone trendy hues characterized by:

A subtle, foggy, grey, or ashy appearance

Nuances of pastel

Lower saturation levels

Slightly translucent

These understatedly chic shades are created without using harsh bleach. Hence, minimising hair damage considerably.

Foggy Bleach-free Hair Colour

Top 7 Non-Bleach Hair Colour Trends You’ll Definitely Love to Try!

(plus: they’re trending on xiao hong shu right now)

1. Mint Ash Brown
2. Olive Milk Tea Brown
3. Smokey Black Tea
4. Foggy Cocoa Brown
5. Milk Brown
6. Pink Brown
7. Rose Brown

Note: Without bleach, how the colour turns out depends on your hair pigments and texture. That's why the results can vary from person to person.

How Are In-Salon Foggy Non-Bleach Hair Colours Achieved Professionally at Chez Vous: Private Space?

Foggy Bleach-free Hair Colours involve a 2-step process:

Step 1:

Apply the lightest brown dye available to colour the hair, aiming for a shade around level 7.

Truth be told, these high-lift colours contain traces of mild bleach. Consequently, the hair may be slightly drier than with ordinary hair dyes but is considerably less damaging than actual bleach.

Step 2:

Deposit a second round of colour pigments by mixing:

Japanese Hair Colours

These colours are less saturated and less warm

Grey Pigments

Introduce these for a dusty finish

Colour Mixer

Reduce warm pigments for an ashier appearance


Use more developer or shampoo for a less saturated result.

Limitations of Non-Bleach Foggy Hair Colouring Technique (aka 水雾染)?

Due to the absence of bleach, achieving the following is not possible:

Blondes or blonde-based hues, including hair colours lighter than level 7 medium browns

Intense grey, blue or violet ash-based colours

Light pastels


The foggy bleach-free hair colouring technique is not feasible for:

Medium-coarse or coarse hair texture

Hair that has been dyed black or with very dark brown or red repeatedly

DIY box-dyed or henna-coloured hair

These hair types often contain too much red or artificial dark pigments, preventing them from lifting to level 6.5 or 7 without the use of bleach.

What are the Benefits of Foggy Non-Bleach Hair Colouring Technique (aka 水雾染)?

Complement Asian Skin Tone: 
Say hello to brighter-looking complexion

Reduce Hair Damage Considerably: 
Bid farewell to the terrors of bleach

No More Boring Browns: 
Embrace new, exciting, and trendy hair colours, including cooler tones and brown-based dark pastels, all without the need for bleach

Understatedly Subtle: 
Achieve chic elegance without screaming for attention

Work-friendly Hair Colour: 
Adheres to office dress codes, maintaining a professional yet stunning appearance

Greater Hair Volume: 
Desaturated hair colours create the illusion of greater hair density

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Get Beautiful Hair Colours Without Bleach

Get Beautiful Hair Colours Without Bleach

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Foggy Bleach-free Hair Colours last (水雾染)?

Like all hair dye, it will fade upon each wash. Non-bleach Double Dye colours last up to 1 month as the pigments used are less saturated to create a foggy appearance.

What’s the homecare / maintenance routine like post a Foggy Bleach-free Hair Colouring service (水雾染)?

After foggy bleach-free hair coloring (水雾染), maintain it with blonde shampoo, conditioner, and mask to minimize brassiness. Use Epres Bond Repair Treatment twice a week before shampoo for healthier, stronger hair.

Can you opt for Foggy Bleach-free Hair Colouring service (水雾染) without hair treatment?

Yes, but not advisable. Our bleach-free hair colouring service bundle includes Hair Defence Technology to minimise hair damage. However, we will strongly encourage guests to top-up for a post-service treatment to re-fortify and repair the hair.

How does Chez Vous’ Foggy Bleach-free Hair Colouring service (水雾染) work?

We employ a Double Dye Technique, featuring a 2-step process – unique to us. First, we use the lightest hair colour to lift the hair to a shade between 6.5 and 7. Then, we double-colour the hair using our de-saturate dye formulas to re-pigment and achieve those gorgeous foggy hair colors.

Does it work on hair that has already been bleached?

Yes, definitely!

Where can I find Non-bleach Double Dye service?

This technique is developed by Chez Vous and available only at Chez Vous.

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