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Chez Vous 20th Anniversary: 20 Look Book Challenge

As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday this year, Chez Vous has our own milestone to make noise for: our big 20! To commemorate this, we have created 20 drastic makeovers; and theme for them is - "Dare."

edie campbell


Why "Dare"?

Hair - removed from their practical purpose, your hair is part of your performance. The style and appearance can transform the wearer into endless characters with different endings. Like it or not, hairstyles can punish or reward; elevate or entrap; speed or hinder through their powers of transformation.

We understand that your hairstyle is one of the most recognizable aspects of your appearance, and your identity or role can get all tangled up in it. Sometimes, the idea of a different haircut, colour and texture can strike some of you as a sort of fundamental, existential horror.

Who would we be without our usual "coif"?


Will people accept us for who we are?


What will people think of us?


Should we just stay within our comfort zone?

With that in mind, many forgo the thought of having a brand new hairstyle; and perhaps robbing you the opportunity of becoming a better "You".

linda evangelista

"Trying it anyway" is a core element of living life enthusiastically and fully. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with having the same hairstyle, but having the same look time and time again may leave you feeling - a little blah, bored and under stimulated.

Sometimes, you may be surprised by how good a new hairstyle can be. Embracing change gives you a chance to start psychologically afresh; "take" you to better places; meet different people; or change the way people perceive you - for the better.

"Dare" to Change

karlie kloss

If you're stuck in your comfort zone, snap out of it. Changing your hairstyle can be liberating, freeing and empowering. It is a cathartic experience and may change your identity for the better. Your new hairstyle will impact the way you dress and put on your makeup; the best part - take you out of your comfort zone. It's an immediate, simple thing that completely changes your features, look and even your life!

Trust us, try undergoing through a drastic makeover at least once in your life. It's worth it. We hope that Team Chez Vous can be part of your life-changing experience today.

"To wear dreams on one's hair is to begin giving reality to one's dreams."



freja beha erichsen

19 lucky participants have been given a makeover by our talented salon directors. We will be launching 1 Lookbook every 4 days. And you can vote for your favorite or most outstanding makeover posted on our Facebook page at to win attractive prizes!  All you need to do is Like, Share and Leave us a comment to tell us why this is your favorite makeover.

5 lucky voters will stand to win $150 Chez Vous hair & scalp service vouchers, and $200 worth of Kerastase latest luxury haircare range -  RESISTANCE THERAPISTE. You can vote for more than 1 participant.Also, 1 lucky voter will be chosen to be Chez Vous 20th Makeover participant!

Lastly, the top 3 LookBook participants with the highest number of "Likes" and "Shares" for his or her makeover post on Chez Vous Facebook Page will win:

1st Prize: Red Carpet Hair Treats (Worth Up to $265) & $200 worth of Kerastase latest luxury haircare range -  RESISTANCE THERAPISTE


2nd Prize: Remixed Hair Treats (Worth Up to $205), powered by Kerastase  RESISTANCE THERAPISTE range


3rd Prize: Hair Treats (Worth Up to $175), powered by Kerastase  RESISTANCE THERAPISTE range

The contest will end on 15th December 2015, 11.59PM. Start voting today!

Stay tuned for all 20 lookbooks! XOXO

Team Chez Vous

391 Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Podium, 
#05-05, S238872

391B Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Tower B,
#14-04, S238874




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