Can Great Hair Be Created? Read Buro 24/7 Review Of Chez Vous Trilogy System Here

"Sick of hair treatments and chemical processes that are not sustainable in the long run? Chez Vous has a revolutionary new treatment (system suite) that literally does everything." Abstract taken from Buro 24/7 Singapore.

Can great hair be created? Yes! Check out Buro 24/7 review here. The Trilogy System was developed to meet the growing demands of time-strapped, professional, working women for hair that looks healthy, glossy and is a cinch to manage. After all, the less time spent on grooming and hair-styling means more time that can be spent on more valuable aspects of life like family, work and self-actualization.

Furthermore, more women (and men) are putting their hair through frequent hair services that claim to deliver manageable tresses, but either add to hair damage or are incompatible with styling services like perms. Countless women are also still subjecting their hair to regular rebonding in a bid to achieve everyday manageability – an unsustainable regimen that results in hair breakage and increasing frizz and damage.

Which is why Chez Vous decided to develop the Trilogy System – a simple, systematic and sustainable 3-phase approach to achieving beautiful, manageable and healthy-looking hair: Rebuild, Resculpt, Revitalize.

The three Trilogy hair services work synergistically as a complete beauty regimen for the hair, as well as separate, customised treatments for specific hair conditions and lifestyle needs.


What if you could genuinely rebuild and strengthen damaged hair on a deep cellular level?

Presenting a truly reparative hair therapy that can't be washed away. Utilising three state-of-the-art ngredients (bond rebuilder elements, a potent mix of amino acids and anti-breakage actives) in combination with a highly effective delivery system to penetrate these complexes deep into the hair, this treatment promotes genuine and permanent reconstruction at the cellular level. Hair is stronger, more resilient and perfectly prepped for the Resculpting Supreme or any other chemical services to follow.

Phase 2 - Resculpt: Chez Vous RESCULPTING SUPREME

What if you could sculpt your hair to your desired shape while keeping hair healthy-looking and utterly manageable?

Presenting the first-ever keratin infused retexturizing experience.  This multi-step, multi-benefits and fully customisable re-texturizing service transforms unmanageable hair into soft, natural healthy-looking tresses that is perfectly sculpted to your desired shape.

Phase 3 - Revitalize: Chez Vous EXPRESS REVITALIZING SUPREME

What if you could tap into the secrets of advanced skincare science to treat and pamper your hair?

Presenting a 360-degree hair therapy inspired by advanced skincare science. This efficacious express treatment instantly and effortlessly revitalizes hair that has undergone the Resculpting Supreme or any other chemical services. De-age, de-frizz and add a gamorous glow using 8 potent skincare actives (such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and amino acids) that are delivered via an express ultrasonic delivery process. Probably the most powerful express hair treatment (in 45 minutes) ever developed for ultimate moisture and shine.

Read an abstract of Buro 24/7 verdict here:

"The real question is, how does my hair look a week later? I'm happy to say that it has maintained its ideal shape and my waves have more definition and much less frixx. Most importantly, my hair looks and feels much less damaged. Another plus is the reduced styling time . After conditioning, shampooing and masking with the take-home products from Goldwell's Kerasilk range, I simply apply a leave-in treatment and blow-dry it roughly. And ultimately low-maintenance hair that still looks good is what every woman is after." Abstract taken from Buro 24/7 Singapore.

To read the full article, click here: Buro 24/7 - We Try The Ultimate Hair Treatment

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