Argh… My Hair Is “Fried”!

Just permed, “rebonded” or pre-lightened your hair and they now look like stiff straw laid under the sun? When you run your fingers through your wet hair and they are breaking and shedding off? Your hair is abnormally soft and squashy to touch; and when stretched and pulled like a rubber band till it snaps, it did not curl? Most probably your hair is fried! If that’s you or you know of anyone whose hair is fried, read and share this article provided by our very talented Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Salon, Veyond Chong.
Argh...My Hair Is Fried!

Can “Fried” Hair Be Totally Salvaged?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. “Fried” hair cannot be repaired completely. Most remedies and service recoveries are mostly cosmetic or temporal improvements. Even if the best reparative treatment is performed, at most 50% of the damaged might be remedied.
Fixed by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Salon, Veyond Chong as part of Chez Vous expertligent fix you programme.
Due to photography and lighting, the after-fix results has been magnified. In reality, only 50% of the hair was restored. Even so, hair is still rough-to-touch.

Why and how?

When chemicals are applied to the hair; be it colouring, pre-lightening, perming or straightening — hair will swell, causing damaged to the cuticles and sulphur bonds to split, and they then become sulphur hydrogen. This process eats away the hair proteins, which causes damage, degeneration, breakage and in severe case, “Fried”.

How to prevent your hair from being “fried”?

Follow these rules of thumb:

Never rebond your hair at the same spot more than twice a year!

To all rebond addicts, never ever rebond the same spot twice! Upon the first rebonding service, hair will be relatively straight at the ends. The problem usually lies at the newly grown out hair at the roots. Always inform your stylist that all you need is roots rebonding and avoid overlapping on the previously rebounded hair. In the event that your stylist still pushes for a whole head rebond, perhaps because the charges will be higher, change a stylist!

Never undergo digital perm more than twice a year!

To all perm addicts, try to alternate between cold and digital perm. This way, you can reduce the damage done to your hair.

Never undergo rebonding consistently over the years!

We understand that some of you might have seriously frizzy and distressed hair; and many cannot live without semi-annual rebonding sessions.

Fret not, technology has evolved. Whenever possible, alternate between keratin treatments and rebonding services. This way, you will feed your hair with sufficient protein before undergoing through another round of rebonding service.

Alternatively, rebond only your roots and do keratin treatment from roots to ends.

Never rebond or perm your hair if they are pre-lightened before!

You only have one bunch of hair. Why risk it? Pre-lightening cause severe damage to the hair. The likelihood of pre-lightened hair breaks during rebonding or perming is high. Don’t risk it!

Never neglect your protein-rich homecare and in-salon treatment

Yes, we have heard this a lot, many of you hate protein-rich treatments and homecare because they are rough-to-touch upon application; and the benefits of it is less “visible” to the eye and touch. But they are crucial in preventing “fried” hair!

For homecare, we strongly recommend Redken Extreme Cat, a protein reconstructing treatment. Nope, Redken is not paying us to say this. But, we are recommending this because we have tried every single products in the market and we know what works and what don’t. Shampoo, towel-dry and spray this ultimate treatment on your hair. It’s not oily so you can sleep with it. The next morning, rinse-off and condition your hair, you’re good to go! Note, this treatment is not going to give you silky soft hair. It’s used for strengthening. One might feel a little coarse upon application. That’s normal. If you have excess to spare, splurge on Goldwell Kerasilk Deep Smoothing Mask. This mask is legendary!

Always going to the salon for soft, silky and hydrating treatments? Try alternating your regular moisturizing treatments with protein-rich treatments. This way, you build your hair strength over time.

Alternatively, try our award winning treatment exclusive to Chez Vous, Feed & Fit hair treats ($155 & up). This is neither a conditioner nor hair mask! Those usually coat the hair with silicone to create a seemingly “smooth, soft & healthy” effect without actually repairing the hair from within! The secret bond multiplying ingredient we use in our Feed & Fit Hair Treats service restores your hair strength, structure, health and integrity internally; and truly prevent further damage that occurs during chemical services. In short, it links together broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical processes...preventing them from damage.

Never pre-lighten your hair without undergoing through a protein-rich pre-treatment

Ombre, Balayage, Panel Highlights, Balaombre, Ecaille, most trend colours require some form of pre-lightening. Do yourself a favour, undergo a protein-rich pre-treatment before pre-lightening. Alternatively, add a conditioning shot into the pre-lightener. This way you can prep it and reduce the damage caused from pre-lightening. Note, these treatments are not your usual smooth, soft and silky treatments. Think of these strengthening treatments as insurance for your hair to prevent breakage.

Never go from level 4 to 10 within a day

Lightening your hair colour is a journey you're going to have with your stylist. Avoid going from black to blond within a day. Start from medium brown, light brown than blonde over a course of few months to safeguard your hair.

Never use high heat styling without a heat protector serum

Use serums that are targeted for heat styling. Not all Argan Oil or Serum protects your hair from heat. Make sure the products you use states thermo-seal or thermo-protector; or made specially for heat styling.

Never undergo high heat Keratin treatment when your hair is on the verge of being “fried” without a strenghtening in-salon treatment first

Yes, keratin treatments infuses protein into your hair. However, that has to be done using heat, 180 – 200 degree Celsius. Thus, always ask your stylist to do a strengthening treatment first before a Keratin treatment to prep your hair for the heat. You can also request for your stylist to turn down the heat to 160 – 170 degree Celsius, though not as effective, but it prevents breakage.

Crap! What should you do if your hair is Fried?!


Yes we know, that’s the most dreadful answer one wants to hear. Unfortunately, chopping the hair off is the best solution. Alternatively, trim regularly (every 3 weeks) if you are spotting a short hair for the very first time. Swear off razor cut. And, do not over layer your hair!


There are hundreds of treatments in the market. To spot an effective treatment in the market that will really help improve your “fried” hair for a short period of time, look out for these ingredients:

  • Keratin:
Keratin is one of the main ingredients of hair. When hair lacks elasticity and strength, Keratin can be added to repair damaged areas and rebuild internal structures. A premium grade keratin treatment can help temporarily “fill-up” “fried” hair to restore it by 50%. Note: avoid using high heat and always do a protein-rich treatment prior to keratin treatment.

One can try Chez Vous Amplified Keratin Treatment, $375 & Up.

  • CMC (Cell Membrane Complex):
CMC is an oil based ingredient in the hair. When hair becomes fried, weakened and dehydrated, it loses CMC which retains the moisture within the hair’s cortical layers. By adding CMC, dehydrated and distressed hair is then able to retain moisture and lock in the necessary Keratin.

  • Collagen:
Collagen is a protein which adds strength and support to skin cells. When applied to “fried” hair, it creates a veil on the cuticle’s surface which locks in moisture, adds softness and deters frizz to a certain extent, temporarily.

  • Silk Peptide (Silk Proteins):
Silk proteins create an even veil of protection on the hair’s cuticle to add shine and resistance. These also protect the “fried” hair from daily stresses such as thermal styling, UV light and brush friction.

  • Ceramide:
The super moisturizing ingredient for severely damaged hair.  It helps to repair the CMC water pathways to retain moisture inside the hair temporarily.

These ingredients can be found in Chez Vous Red Carpet Hair Treats, $225 & Up


Yes, homecare helps. Or should we say the correct homecare helps. As mentioned, Redken Extreme CAT and Goldwell Kerasilk Deep Smoothing Mask can improve “Fried” hair condition best.

Rest & Restore

Swear off styling tools including curling irons and flat irons. Also stay away from any processing, which will only weaken hair further. Relaxers are the harshest on hair, followed by bleach, permanent color, demi-permanent dye and then rinses or glazes.

If you have “fried” hair and you seriously need to cover your greys, opt for demi-permanent or non-ammonia formulas.


Unfortunately for “manic-panic colour” fans, going for a dark shade such as black or dark brown will visually “reduce” the damage. Also, one can opt for Goldwell Elumen Clear Gloss. The technology will reduce the frizz and cosmetically create a “healthier” hair look.


Unfortunately, for guests with fried hair, your daily styling routine just got a lot worse. Mix KMS Free Shape hot flex crème with a drop of KMS Tame Frizz taming crème to towel-dried hair. This combination gives one lasting and smoothing style for even the most style resistant hair. It also provides heat protection, resist humidity and prevents breakage. Use a hair dryer, mid to low heat to blow it smooth, via a downward motion. Avoid using a round brush or a flat iron on fried hair.

hope this helps. spread the word, share this article.

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