hair treats

gearing up for a big night out or a picture-perfect moment? try our hair treats today to get you back into the rhythm and beat. all products used in chez vous hair treats are carefully curated to provide super effective hair solutions tailored to your needs.


hair shots


added to chemical services to reduce damage caused to hair.



$144.45 - $187.25

customised simple pleasures for your hair.


synchronised advanced hair rebuilder

$144.45 - $187.25

without strength, elasticity and resilience, every chemical service is a risk. rebuild your hair today with bond repairing elements and cysteine infused proteins. #cherishyourhair


express revitalising supreme

$176.55 - $219.35

inspired by grounded skincare science to promote smoothness and hydration – all in 45 minutes, powered by ultrasonic technology, for maximum penetration. pamper your hair today.



$187.25 - $230.05

a comprehensive 7-step treatment that first repair hair from within by saturating it with patented ppt, amino acids and keratin – twice. warm nano-mist or heat is then applied to fuse these active ingredients together, resulting in stronger and more resilient hair. huge doses of simulated cell membrane complex and ceramides are then effectively penetrated into the hair for touchable softness and hydration.



$187.25 - $230.05

The all-new Hair Fillers Therapy is designed for busy individuals who are in need of a damaged hair repairing therapy - all under 60 minutes. Using a groundbreaking 36-hours* effective delivery system to fill hair with maximum goodness - Collagen, Amino Acids, Bond Repairing Elements, and Moisture Binding Agents - hair strength, smoothness and softness is restored after the first wash.

*Avoid washing your hair for the next 36 hours



$187.25 - $240.75

Tapping on to the revolutionary power of sugar, this treatment will not only coat your hair externally with a proprietary thin layer of laminate made up of ceramides, collagen, hydrolysed silk and natural oils for superior manageability, it will also repair them internally using state-of-the-art sugar-based hair strengthening actives – Hydroxypropyl Gluconamide and Hydroxypropyl Ammonium Gluconate. Sugar Hair Lamination is the perfect protective remedy for dull, damaged and dry hair, and for women who wants bouncy, less tangling and softer hair, without straightening it or weighing it down.



$208.65 - $283.55

enjoy 2 treatments at one price – a combination of synchronised advanced hair rebuilder and intensive reparative therapy. guests can opt to undergo synchronised advanced hair rebuilder as a pre-chemical treatment to strengthen hair and protect it from breakage first, followed by the intensive reparative therapy as a post chemical service treatment to repair cuticles, replenish moisture and re-introduce manageability. could this possibly be the best non-straightening hair treatment available in the market?



brazilian blow-out (contains formaldehyde)

$251.45 - $433.35

amplified keratin treatment

$251.45 - $433.35

hair botox & fillers

$401.25 - $540.35

chez vous’ hair botox + fillers programme is a deep conditioning, smoothing and reparative semi-permanent in-salon treatment programme that restores unruly, frizzy and damaged hair by transforming it into smooth and healthy-looking hair for up to 90 days (when maintained with the prescribed home care products). this treatment does not contain any hair relaxers or softening agents that break the disulphide bonds in the hair, making it suitable for women whose hair can no longer undergo any further corrective chemical procedures.

winner of harper’s bazaar and singapore women’s weekly hair awards. exclusive at chez vous: since 1995 @ ngee ann city tower A