EXPERTLIGENT scalp treats

after countless playful night-outs and exhilarating adventures, it is time for your scalp to recharge and refuel for the many tomorrows to come. chat with our certified scalp specialist today and enjoy a complimentary step-by-step expertligent scalp diagnosis, using only the state-of-the-art scanning apparatus.

In one of our three comfortable cocoon seats, choose from a luxurious list of scalp treats coupled with our signature Expertligent massage to power your scalp back to health in no time. If you like, our certified Scalp Specialists can customize a package to address your needs.


scalp treats (30 mins)



for oily scalp

detox and clarify your scalp of excess oil and impurities while retaining all the essential moisture, to keep your hair and scalp nourished, rejuvenated and refreshed. once experienced, you will wonder why it’s taken you so long to have one.

scalp arrest


for hair thinning & hair loss concerns
(hair loss prevention programme)

using the latest breakthrough technology to reduce the rate of hair loss and maintain the density of thinning hair. this treatment restores your scalp health and enhances its suppleness; while nourishing and strengthening every hair follicle.

scalp awakening


for hair thinning & hair loss concerns
(new hair growth programme)

finally a time has come for a clinically-proven scalp treatment that truly prevents hair loss and promotes the growth of healthy hair. this treatment stimulates blood circulation and boosts the metabolism of your scalp for healthy hair growth. try this revolutionary age-defying treatment today!



for flaky & dandruff-prone scalp

exfoliate your epidermis from within to ensure a scalp that is truly purified with our celebrated blizzard-no-more scalp treat. excess flakes and dandruff are removed to restore your scalp, leaving it rebalanced and soothed.



dry & sensitive scalp

enjoy our signature “stress-buster” treatment, catered to leave your scalp super smoothed and seriously soothed. it’s time to say goodbye to all your scalp irritations and tensions.